About Our Water and Plastic

At GoH2O we believe that we have the best water on Earth, literally.  We use state of the art technology to bring you the cleanest and most pure form of water available.  We use a multiple stage process centered around Reverse Osmosis to virtually eliminate everything and anything in our water. Our carbon filters remove virtually all dissolved solids and sediments from the water.   We also use Ozone and Ultraviolet Light to disinfect and destroy any microbials in the water. This process, not only creates the best tasting water but the safest drinking water on the market.  Because we take the time and use this specialized process, our water can last for long durations when packaged and stored appropriately.    

Once the water is treated, it is sealed into small plastic satchets. The plastic is specifcally designed for long term storage and durability.  The satchets are made from .6 mil polyethlene plastic, the plastic is gray in color to prevent sunlight from effecting the water.  If stored properly, (in a cool dry, environment out of sunlight), the water will store for 5 years.  

We have spared no expense in any of our processes, our manufacturing facility is approved by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Our water and packaging is 100% MADE IN THE USA. No need to worry about where the water came from or where it was packaged. 

Our water is the perfect item to keep in your pantry, basement, cold storage or garage for emergencies.  You never know when disaster may strike and being prepared with a little extra water may make the difference.